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Haydn: Piano Trio in G major "Gypsy III Finale"

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Read about Jun-Ching Lin, assistant concertmaster of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. He will be appearing this season as a special guest with the Merling Trio!

What People Are Saying

"It was a privilege and a pleasure to host the Merling last night.  Our audience absolutely loved you and your reading of the Beethoven and Brahms was technically and musically superb.  And of course the Piazzolla had our crowd gasping.  I was a bit surprised that a few of our people hadn’t known his work and so you made new fans of the tango in addition to making real believers in the piano trio."

"It's as though, in watching and listening to you, I had plumbed the very soul of inspiration, needing to remind myself constantly that someone else had written the notes you were playing. You absolutely do not come across as three people playing someone else's music. Surely, I'm not the first to notice that. It appeared that you were responding with unbridled astonishment to the brilliance of each composition as though for the first time. I can pay you no greater compliment."
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"Your performance at Western State College was one of a kind for me. I thought I would let you know that you reached me. I'm sure I'm not alone, either."
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"You really knocked it out of the ball park!"
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The Merling Trio has been hailed as a brilliantly distinguished group endowed with remarkable gifts of communication, magnificent precision, and an impeccable blend of sound.

"Herein lies the triumph behind their interpretation of this work. Quite often in other performances the more joyful memories have remained somewhat hidden within the cloying tragedy behind its inspiration. This is not so apparent on this recording and the result is a thought provoking rendition that builds towards a finale that shifts between the macabre and onwards towards feelings of hope and potential liberation.

Another excellent release and one that is highly recommended..."

Jeff Perkins
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